Yoga for a good night’s sleep

” I haven’t slept so well in ages !!’. As a Yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist this is a comment I hear time and time again after my students first come to yoga. A good night’s sleep is one of the many gifts of a yoga practice . Sleep… not enough is a slow torture . A good nigh’t sleep has many rewards; renewal of energy , a clear focused mind, and a general feeling of well – being inside and out. Yet so many of us suffer from poor sleeping patterns- Yoga to the rescue !!

Modern lifestyles contribute our sleep deprived culture; work demands , busy schedules , 24/7 technology all lead to a revved up nervous system and anxiety pushing back the tides of sleep . Yoga helps you soothe and still your busy mind, relax tense muscles ,  transforming your sleeping patterns without the side effects or addictions of medication.

In my private practice as a Yoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher my students report the benefits of yoga – a slow sustainable transformation of health . Yoga is about self- care learning to respect your bodies boundaries and resting well when the lights go out. A regular yoga practice is a gradual process of unwinding physical and mental tensions — students of yoga report more feeling of contentedness and joy … this is the way to a good night’s sleep .

Join me for a 4 week workshop¬†commencing March 8¬†– ideal for those who want a gentle introduction to Yoga and a good night’s sleep .



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