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Private Yoga and Yoga Therapy

One to one yoga classes can be an ideal way to bridge the gap between issues such as lower back injuries, arthritis, recent surgeries, cancer diagnosis and fatigue ( to name a few) and a group yoga class. Ideally yoga practice should be adapted to each persons fitness, joint range, energy levels and mood. During a one to one yoga class I observe my students closely and teach poses that will enhance the therapeutic benefits .

Yoga as a therapy is a new concept in the west where yoga has always been taught to large groups. Yoga Therapy has worked hand in hand with its sister science Ayurveda in India to treat a wide range of health conditions both physical and mental. As more and more research demonstrates the link between chronic stress and disease Yoga  and meditation which address the whole person body , mind and soul are  the new medicines for our modern lifestyles.

Yoga switches on our bodies self healing powers and get to the root of many modern diseases. Yoga can transform us … that is why this ancient practice grows in popularity and importance in modern living. Lets debunk the myth that yoga is only for the young and super fit . A well trained Yoga Therapist can teach yoga to anyone and share the gift of this precious practice for living  which is meant  for all beings .

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