Yoga For Mental Health & Trauma

The ancient practice of yoga is the perfect antidote to frantically busy and stressful modern lifestyles.

Dying to sleep

The health benefits of sleep and the erroneous effects of insomnia are well-documented, but this is of no help when you suffer from it!

Insomnia is a debilitating problem which impairs daily function, including memory retention, focus and attention, reaction time and problem-solving capacity. Insomnia is also a risk factor for other health issues, including depression, over-drinking and anxiety.

Drugs to treat insomnia are generally recommended for short-term use only and have limited effectiveness for those with chronic conditions.

Natural, effective, drugless remedy for insomnia

Whether you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, yoga can help. During yoga classes with Margery you will mindfully move your body,and process daily mental debris while quietening worries and anxieties. Through deliberate, mindful movement coordinated with the breath, yoga helps to slow down and soothe your nerves towards a deep night’s sleep.

Margery runs special classes specifically for those suffering insomnia or who simply want to improve their quality of sleep. These yoga classes enable students to tap into our innate capacity for self-directed healing. Regular attendance is highly recommended so that you can experience the full benefits and plenty of help is given so students can establish their own home practices as a natural remedy for insomnia.

Yoga for beginners: this course is also a gentle introduction to yoga for those looking to join a yoga class in a small group setting with expert guidance.

View the yoga and Feldenkrais class timetable for classes in Annandale, Balmain and Camperdown in Sydney’s innerwest or contact Margery today.

Margery offers group classes, private one-to-one Therapeutic Yoga, yoga for beginners, Feldenkrais and Mindful Movement lessons to aid individuals restore awareness, freedom of movement, health and wellbeing.
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