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Yoga is an ancient practice of particular relevance to our lifestyles today. It is simple and deliberate movement, aided by mindfulness and breath awareness , to facilitate a calm mind and supple body.

Yoga reminds us to slow down to appreciate the simple pleasures in life, while also strengthening and conditioning our bodies to ensure we can enjoy ourselves, our friends family, and an active lifestyle for many years to come.


Yoga and Health

Yoga Feldenkrais Sydney

The ancient practice of Yoga has much to offer us on our journey toward well-being.

Many chronic diseases can be linked to high levels of stress and lifestyle factors, which create imbalances in the major systems of our body including the nervous, immune, muscular, digestive and cardiovascular systems.

Recent research shows that Yoga is a safe and effective way to improve our health from both a physical and mental health perspective (when it is tailored and adapted by an experienced instructor to suit each individuals needs). In fact this same research is showing us the interconnectedness of mind and body and how a regular Yoga practice lays the foundation for living well.

Recent research in the field for Yoga is demonstrating:

  • Yoga is highly effective at reducing lower back pain and other musculoskeletal complaints
  • Yoga significantly reduces the symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Yoga boosts immune function and reduces inflammatory markers that are linked to disease and ill health such as autoimmunity and cancer
  • Yoga is an effective form of exercise for combating Osteoarthritis and age-related loss of functional movement
  • Yoga helps people living with cancer maintain quality of life and reduces the side effects of treatment

Yoga and Mindfulness

Yoga practiced slowly and deliberately with a breath-based focus is essentially mindfulness. Many modern Yoga approaches place an emphasis on achieving a difficult pose or moving quickly through a series of poses in an overly-athletic way. This often detracts from the goal of Yoga and leaves us feeling inadequate or potentially injuring ourselves.  

Mindful Yoga leaves you feeling strong, steady and balanced energetically – content with who you are and what you can do on and off the Yoga mat. Essentially Yoga is not about the fancy pose but rather meeting our body where it is at any particular moment and gently encouraging it.

A mindful approach to Yoga forms the basis of my eclectic style of teaching. By moving with an attention to the body and breath and cultivating awareness of our moment-to-moment experience we are in essence creating a moving meditation. Whilst the benefits of meditation are many – for most people sitting still proves difficult at first and a mindful Yoga practice brings satisfying results that encourage ongoing practice.

In a mindful Yoga practice we cultivate awareness of the sensations of moving and breathing which creates a direct link to the nervous system and triggers a feeling of relaxation and calm. Through sustained practice we literally change our brains way of seeing the world and broaden our lens leading to a more satisfying life and relationship to others.


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