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Don’t just sit there move – Yoga and The Feldenkrais Method the perfect antidote to sitting

Our bodies weren’t designed to sit all day they were designed to hunt, gather , forage , carry , climb, walk on uneven terrain , run from danger and the list goes on…. Rediscovering the joy of movement is the first step toward reclaiming your body and soul  in the technology age.

The Feldenkrais Method is the place to start if you suffer from chronic injury and haven’t been moving for a long time . Feldenkrais will awaken your bodies innate capacity for well oiled and joyous movement . Moshe Feldenkrais studied Judo and Mechanical Engineering he pioneered the method and understood what modern science now calls Neuroplasticity – the never ending ability to reform the nervous system . Movement in Yoga or Feldenkrais does just this reforms your brain for fluid , joyful moves in everyday life … what more could you ask for .

Ageing doesn’t have to bring on a decline in your bodies movement repertoire – keep exploring , yielding and pushing into the earth as you walk and finding a long and light spine all of these await you on your journey.



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