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Yoga for Back Pain and More ….

Yoga for Back Pain and More….

Yoga when practiced with a mindful attention to the  breath , body and mind is an excellent remedy for back pain and your life’s woes. Those of  us who practice yoga know the joys of a lighter and longer feeling in the body and ease in the joints , but for many with back pain Yoga seems an improbability .

Popular culture would lead us to believe that Yoga is a competitive sport , only for those with pretzel like flexibility and plenty of Lycra. This is far from the truth … When Yoga is adapted to your needs and practiced with awareness and a non- competitive attititude the benefits are there for bodies of all ages, shapes and abilities.

Yoga addresses the whole person . Each of us comes to a Yoga class with different movement and postural habits as well as  habits of thought that can lead to feelings of negativity and anxiety .  Yoga unwinds those deep tensions and internal knots leading to release in the tissues and a slow sustainable letting go of fears .

The ancient art and science of Yoga when practiced with kindness and respect for your body and soul will open doors to greater clarity , freedom and well- being that you may have never anticipated when you came for your back pain !!! That is the secret to why Yoga s so popular in the modern world. Our reductionistic western way of improving the body forgets that we are an amazing tangle of emotion , thought and sensation not just a bag of bones and muscles that need to be  placed  in the “correct posture ” and held there .

Yoga  with its emphasis on whole body movements , breath and mindfulness has the unique ability to lead us away from pain and suffering on all levels and return us to a place of wholeness ,  a place of contentment and ease not just in our lower backs but in relation to our place in the universe .

Join me for a 4 week course Yoga for Back care starting August 23 in Annandale.



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