Yes definitely.

After an initial assessment to understand your goals,
I can tailor an approach that reflects your needs.
Many usually benefit from a series of one-to-one Yoga Therapy sessions before moving into a group class environment.

It depends on your situation.
This is something that we discuss at the first assessment.
Based on my experience, I usually recommend 5-10 sessions to start.
Most people I work with progress to my group classes.
I also encourage slowly building a home yoga practice
to help you become self sufficient in managing your body
and improving self awareness.

I have over 20 years of experience successfully helping people with injuries through adapting Yoga both to your specific needs and to support your healing.

Yes I offer Back Care and Mindful Movement for pain recovery and management as specialty Yoga classes and I also teach Yoga at the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse – a Specialist Cancer Hospital in Camperdown, Sydney for people currently undergoing treatment or recovering from Cancer.

After getting a detailed history for you, we then do some gentle Yoga to find what type of movements and practices suit you. For example, poses to relax the lower back and improve your posture, then we might do some poses lying down such as restorative Yoga or deep relaxation. Each session is tailored to you on any given day with an emphasis on empowering you to learn to look after yourself.

Yes it’s possible.

Many health funds recognise the health benefits of yoga and now provide rebates for yoga classes.

Additionally with my credentials as a Yoga Instructor,  Feldenkrais practitioner and Occupational Therapist you may be eligible to claim a rebate with your Private Health Fund for your yoga therapy session(s) .

Please check with your health provider to see what is covered in your health insurance policy or extras package and what is required to a receive a rebate if you are eligible for one.

Margery offers group classes, private one-to-one Therapeutic Yoga, yoga for beginners, Feldenkrais and Mindful Movement lessons to aid individuals restore awareness, freedom of movement, health and wellbeing.
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