Feldenkrais and Yoga

Yoga and The Feldenkrais Method a perfect pair

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Feldenkrais and Yoga? Why?

What is the Feldenkrais Method you might ask? And how do my 20 years of experience as a  Feldenkrais Practitioner help make your  Yoga Practice more fluid , safe  accessible and enjoyable .

The Feldenkrais Method was brought into the limelight recently in several chapters of Norman Doidge’s book the Brains Way of Healing. Doidge describes the potent powers of Feldenkrais to support healing in a variety of neurological and immune conditions through Neuroplasticity . If you aren’t  familiar with this term it is basically the innate ability of your brain and nervous system to learn through mindful action and directed attention . With regard to how your body moves it means paying attention to your habits and learning new more fluid and efficient ways of moving .

Our bodies were designed to move in certain ways however modern lifestyles and lack of awareness make it hard to access our natural affinity for well oiled movement !

The Feldenkrais Method uses gentle, creative and fluid movement explorations to integrate our awareness of how we move and assists us to break habits and patterns that cause us to unnecessarily tense and hold our bodies. This chronic holding and lack of awareness predisposes us to injury and pain and inhibits our ability to move well.  Developing a happy and healthy moving relationship with your body also improves mood lessening  depression and easing anxiety.

Most of us have very little awareness of how we move and our  posture in daily life – Feldenkrais harnesses the power of our awareness through  guided movement sequences igniting our innate capacity for intelligent movement. Feldenkrais is fun and empowering … you get to be your own movement detective working out what feels good and what doesn’t and owing the power of choice.

In yoga the postures are composed of larger whole body movements which are dynamic, build strength and a deep sense of peace and connection.   Yoga is a wonderful transformative practice that should be made accessible to all body types  however modern approaches to yoga with an emphasis on fast and fancy moves make it an unsafe practice for many.

Each of us is put together a little differently when we consider joint flexibility , soft tissue qualities , postural habits   and bone shape. The discrete and refined movements that are explored in Feldenkrais when integrated into a yoga practice deepen your ability to move , hold and explore yoga poses in several useful and unique ways :

  • Less repetitive strain on joints as Feldenkrais teaches us to spread the load more equally and efficiently when we move.
  • Feldenkrais enhances our ability to be more playful and lighter in the poses ultimately reducing tension and pain
  • Feldenkrais gives us permission to find unique ways of inhabiting the yoga poses and discover what our body needs to be safe and ultimately reap the benefit.

My teaching is infused with my 20 years of experience as a Feldenkrais Practitioner and the 4 years of  Feldenkrais training in which we  spent over 400 hours exploring movement in our own bodies . This deep sensory understanding of movement underpins my teaching of yoga and means that when we practice yoga with me you  get to make the poses feel good and work for your body !!

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